Staying active with a busy schedule sounds difficult, but in fact, it’s easier then you think. There are many little implementations you can do to make sure you have your daily movement during the workday. I share with you 5 tips to stay active as a busy working woman.

5 tips to stay active with a busy schedule

1/ Using an activity tracker

It’s probably one of the tools – besides my phone and laptop – I cannot live without anymore. 

  • Gives me insight into my daily activity
  • It tracks my sleep.
  • Track my workouts.

Is it precise? Maybe or maybe not. It’s something you will never be sure of. Use it as a benchmark. It keeps you accountable.

The activity tracker I am currently using is the Polar Unite. A perfect activity tracker when you are starting to get more active.

Moreover, it has a lot of interesting features that are perfect for a working women like you:

  • Personalized, ready-to-go trainings based on your sleep, recovery, fitness and training history. Just hit start and before you know, your workout is done. The workouts vary from strength, cardio to mobility exercises for optimal results.
  • Insights into the quality of your sleep and the recovery of your autonomic nervous system. Sleep is important!
  • Breathing exercises that reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Besides all the amazing features, the Polar Unite looks very stylish as well and fits perfectly with your business wear.

Polar Unite makes sure you stay active with a busy schedule
Wearing the Polar Unite activity tracker – Picture by tzarolina photography

2/ Morning workout

An activity tracker as Polar Unite already guides you with what you can do as a workout, now it’s time to think about when you gonna do your workout.

There is just one part of the workday you can control and that’s your morning. It’s you who decide when to wake up and start doing what’s for your important. Use the morning to have your daily movement. Go for a run, do a yoga session, a boxing routine via Youtube, weight.lifting in the gym, …. In the evening, you can have an unexpected meeting, or you are just low energy and your excitement to go to the gym is completely lost. 

4/ Plan your workouts to stay active with a busy schedule

To keep you even more accountable and motivated to workout, you need to plan your workouts. Like your work tasks, a meeting or a networking event, block moments in your agenda to workout. Tip: don’t forget to take into account travel time and clothes changes. Also, make sure you have your workout clothes and shoes always in your car or at your desk.

3/ Walk during lunch break

Most of us are eating behind their desk while working – I know it isn’t healthy but a lot are doing it, I included – or have a 1h lunch break. Use your lunch break for taking some fresh air and movement during a walk outside. You can go alone while listening to a podcast or just enjoying the environment or take your colleagues with you. Make sure you have flat shoes and an umbrella at your desk so you don’t have any excuses for not going outside.

Walk during lunch break to stay active with a busy schedule.
Suit WE Fashion – Shoes Tamaris – Picture by tzarolina photography

5/ Decrease sitting time

Most of the time, we are sitting. In the car, behind our desk, when we eat, in front of the television, etc. There are moments you really need to sit down, but there are also activities you can do while you are still standing or walking around. Scrolling through or posting on social media, is a great activity you can do while you are standing or walking. Also, a phone call is a perfect moment to leave your desk and start moving through the office. Do you like to watch Netflix? Why not doing it while you are on the treadmill in the gym? Or do a quick workout at home during an episode.

How do you stay active while having a busy schedule?

De links mentioned in the blogpost are no affiliate links. Although, I was lucky to receive the Polar Unite to test it out, what I did before I wrote this post.

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