A blazer is the workwear staple every working women should have already in her closet. A blazer has the power to turn every outfit into a work-appropriate one. Moreover, you can wear it in every season and never goes out of fashion. So it’s definitely an item you can invest in. Moreover, a blazer suits every body type. Of course the fit of the blazer will vary depending on your body type. If you want to know which one fits your body type, I created a guide about which suit you should wear for your body type, where I – of course – discuss the fit of the blazer.

The third piece rule

The power of a blazer follows from a principle called “the third piece rule”. It’s a principle you find in several other industries beside fashion like Mathematics, Architecture, Literature, Interior Design, Art and Photography. The idea is that things that come in three’s are more aesthetically pleasing.

The third item rule is very simple and perhaps, you will already do this intuitively. For those who don’t, I will explain a little bit more how the third piece rule works in fashion and how you can use it for creating your work outfits.

The rule of three in fashion

The third piece rule is an easy way to elevate your overall look without a lot of extra effort. When you start creating your outfit, you pick a bottom and top. To make your outfit complete and more stylish, you will add a third item. That third item can be a clothing item or statement accessory – shoes don’t count.

A blazer as the third item

A blazer is a staple that’s automatically linked with workwear. At the same time it’s also a very stylish item. That makes the blazer the perfect item to add as third item when you are creating an outfit for a professional environment. The result is a work-appropriate, easy to go, put together and polished outfit.

My favourite blazer combinations

working woman wearing a suits of WE Fashion. Modern workwear.

Suit – WE Fashion

To inspire you – and actually make you try the third piece rule more to create work outfits – I will share 3 of my favorite blazer outfit combinations. I have one for a business formal dress code, a business smart one and a business casual blazer outfit.

Suit: business formal

Probably my favorite outfit with a blazer: a suit. Because of a suit always comes with a blazer, you can approach the rule of three in 2 ways. You can see your blazer as the second item – the top – or the third item – when you count your top or blouse as the second clothing item. So depending how you approach it you can add another item as your third item. For example a statement handbag or necklace.

Blazer + dress: business smart

A dress is an easy way to get dressed because you will experience less the combination stress. Toch, a dress is just a dress. To make it more interesting, stylish and put together, you can put on a blazer. It’s also a great way to create an outfit that brings you from desk to dinner. Moreover, thanks to a blazer, you are able to wear certain dresses during different seasons.

Blazer + jeans: business casual

This outfit combination was my first style formula. When you have a casual office day or during the weekend, the blazer and jeans combination is my outfit to go. When you wear it to work, I recommend a black jeans. I mostly opt for a top with small straps to wear under my blazer, but that’ because I don’t take my blazer off. If you want to be able to take off your blazer, opt for a blouse or shirt with sleeves to keep it professional and work-appropriate.


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