Mostly, when I search for beauty-related topics it’s about how I use certain makeup products like how to put on eyeshadow, where do you use highlighter, etc. But in fact, my research with regards beauty for work doesn’t need to start there. It all starts with taking care of your skin. Probably, you are immediately thinking of cleaning your skin, moisturizing, peeling, etc. Yes, that’s very important as well. But we all forget – I included – one important step to add to our skincare routine: applying sunscreen.

The importance of sunscreen

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to apply sunscreen every single day – yes even during winter. Sun rays can even pass through windows and it’s not because it’s cloudy outside, UV rays aren’t there. Moreover, using sunscreen isn’t just for the sun. Pollution and blue light from laptops and phone screens also damage the skin and we, working women, are constantly exposed to blue light – even more than to the sun.

Sunscreen protection for working women

Because I am a working woman myself, I know you don’t have that much time in the morning. That’s why I went exploring. I had the opportunity to partner up with Lancaster Beauty. After doing a survey, they provide me sunscreens that are easy to use, don’t ask a lot of effort and are a pleasure to apply but giving a maximum of result and the quality we need and deserve as working women.

All-in-one solution

Lancaster developed a Sun Beauty line. It’s a combination of high-quality sun protection with luxurious textures. The SPF varies from 10 to 50 so there is an effective protection for all skin types. Moreover, it protects to the 4 different – yes there are 4! – types of sun rays (UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared).

The Sun Beauty Silky Milk is the perfect all-in-one solution for working women. It’s sunscreen protection with a body lotion texture for face and body. It targets 100% of the sun’s rays, but also moisturize your skin. Moreover, it contains the Tan Activating Complex, which boosts the natural tanning process allowing for a beautiful Golden Tan.

Always on the go

Does your workday consist of rushing from one place to another? The Sun Sport range is your perfect solution. It’s developed for those who are always on the go and is water- and sweat resistance.

Evening skin care during the summer

During summer, you also need to take care of your skin after being exposed to sun rays. The Golden Tan Maximizer After Sun Oil helps repair, calms and instantly comforts your sun-exposed skin. It will protect against pigmentation spots and skin ageing. Besides the repairing complex, the tan activator complex makes sure you can keep your tan up to one month.

The right sun protection

There is no perfect formula when it comes to sun protection. The right sun protection depends on what your skin needs and what you prefer. There is no such thing as the perfect formula when it comes to sun protection.

Looking for a more customized solution? Lancaster Beauty provides several Mix & Match solution based on different needs and concerns. You can check them out here and find your perfect sunscreen solution.

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