First you need define your style, then you can start to make it more fashionable!

Before you start to create your professional image, you need to be aware of the difference between fashion and style. There is a huge misunderstanding of the concept “fashion” and “style”. They are no synonyms, but media and brands treat them like they are. The result, we get overwhelmed and lost in the way we should dress.

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Fashion vs style

What is fashion?

Fashion are the it-items worn by influencers, the trends highlighted in magazines, the clothes shown at the runway and those you see in the shop windows. Fashion is timely – mostly seasonal, but some brands rotate more frequently – and collective. Moreover, the term fashion refers in most cases to the industry as well. It’s the external trigger why we buy certain clothing items or wear certain outfits.

What is style?

Style, on the other hand, is timeless and individual. It’s the way you express your authentic self. A woman with style communicates through the way she dresses. Via your style, you express who you are and where you want to stand for. Moreover, style isn’t just about clothes. Style is also the way you speak, walk, make certain decisions, work, etc. It’s your entire (professional) image and part of your (personal) brand.

Focus on style before you implement fashion

When you are a working woman who wants to level up her career, it’s important to develop a style instead of following the latest trends. Having a style that represents you, will make you feel comfortable and powerful what will affect your career in a positive way. For example, it will make you attract the right people, let you help find the job that fits you, etc. Having clarity about your style will also help you build a personal brand. Yes, even when you are a working woman, you can create a personal brand. Once you established your personal style, you can incorporate fashion into it. Not because you are influenced by (social) media, but because you intrinsically and consciously want it.

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