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Business wear consulting and styling

Business wear consulting and styling for career-driven women and men

Consultancy hour

During this consultancy hour, you will gain clarity about your overall style, the image you currently portray, and how to create a style that supports your career (goals) and which adjustments are required. I will give you tips and tricks you can implement immediately.

You can also book a consultancy hour to give you more insight into a topic of your choice: shopping, outfit building, budget, work wardrobe, brands (matching), signature style, etc
Tell me your concerns about business wear and I will fix it.

PRICE: €79 (excl. travel costs)

Digital personalized business wear lookbook

No time for (online) shopping? You don’t enjoy it or it feels too overwhelming? Receive your work outfits immediately in your inbox.

What can you expect?

      • A 15-minute introduction call
      • A survey to get more insights into your current style, career(goals), work environment and personality;
      • A digital lookbook with items from brands that fit your style, career, personality and budget;
      • All the items link to the webshop where you can shop your business wear immediately;
      • Relevant tips & tricks to style the items and/or wear the outfits of the lookbook.

There are 3 kinds of lookbooks you can choose from:

      • Business essentials (= 5 items) – €195
      • 3 looks* – € 297
      • 5 looks** – € 495

* The 3 looks are standard 1 business casual, 1 business semi-formal and 1 business formal.
Depending on your work environment, we can focus on the main or most important dress code(s).
** The 5 looks are standard 1 business casual, 1 business semi-formal and 1 business formal and 2 of your choice.
Depending on your work environment, we can focus on the main or most important dress codes.


WhatsApp Daily Work Style Advice

In front of your closet and you have no idea what to wear? Struggling with picking the right outfit for that important meeting? Unexpectedly a networking event after work and no idea how to manage your outfit? Ask the stylist!

Via WhatsApp, you can ask all your work style and outfit questions for the workday.
Questions are answered every workday between 6 am and 8 am

3 MONTHS: €99 / month
6 MONTHS: €79 / month


Business Wear Strategy Session

The way you dress can influence your career. During the work style strategy sessions, we will find out how we can make your work style do the work for you.

What can you expect:

      • Intake where we discuss your personal brand, career goals, current career, etc.
      • Defining your personal signature business style
      • Brand matching
      • Outfit building tips and tricks based on your personal signature business style
      • Shopping list

PRICE: €297 (excl. travel costs)

Keynote, Event or Business Photoshoot Styling

Are you attending an event like a networking event, public speaking opportunity, company diner, …?
Do you organize a business or personal branding shoot?
Do you host an event or organize a photoshoot with the team?
Do you have a special occasion where you need a professional outfit for?

What can you expect?

      • Step 1: During a virtual or in-person consultation, we will discuss the event or shoot, the attire, your budget and timing.
      • Step 2: After the consultation, there are 3 options:
          • 1/ Lookbook creation: I will create a lookbook with complete outfits that I send you over in a PDF file via email. The PDF file contains links to all the items. Also, items of your own closet can be used.
          • 2/ Style lend: I will arrange your outfits you can lend for the occasion
          • 3/ Outfit buying: I shop for you the required outfits within your given budget and make sure they are ready to wear for your event or shoot.

PRICE: On request