When you want to build something great and steady, you need to have a proper foundation. The same counts for your outfit. Yes, let’s talk about lingerie. Discover why lingerie is important, which items you should own as a working woman and how Lingerie In A Box can help you in your search to the perfect lingerie items.

The importance of lingerie

Your underwear is an integral part of your outfit. Too frequently, women forget the importance of underwear, but your lingerie really makes or breaks your outfit. Lingerie has the power to transform your body(shape). Your figure and clothes will look totally different when you wear the right bra and bottom. It’s just not possible to create a perfect well-fitted put-to-together looking outfit without careful thought of the undergarments. Of course, our busy schedules as career women and the rushing mornings don’t make it us easy. Some days, we are already happy that we made it to the office with actually proper clothes on. Luckily, there are some underwear essentials every working woman should have to make dressing for work less stressful. 

Lingerie items every working woman should have

There are underwear essentials you definitely should own as a career woman. They will not only make your outfits – and in general, your professional image – better, they will also save you time in the morning.

1/ Seamless nude underwear

A seamless nude bra is a priority in the wardrobe of every woman. Because it’s seamless and nude coloured, it fits under every outfit. Seams or lace that comes through your work outfit just doesn’t look professional. Also, some workwear staples require a nude seamless bra and bottom like silk blouses and linen pants. 

2/ Shapewear

Your work outfit needs to serve you from the morning till the evening. Shapewear can help you accomplish that. Shapewear isn’t about covering certain body parts or making your waist 2 sizes smaller. It’s developed to create clean and smooth lines so your outfit perfectly fits your body shape, ongeacht your size. Thanks to shape wear, you will look more put together and give you a better posture.

3/ Black underwear

Black or any other dark colour is also an underwear essential. Especially when you wear tinnier fabrics, colours and even white can be visible. In general, there is the rule, your underwear should never be visible. Also for your dark underwear, you can opt for seamless. 

Where to start?

Finding the right lingerie isn’t easy. Moreover, a lot of women don’t like shopping for it – me included. The fitting rooms, the underdressing, … But shopping online for lingerie isn’t also the perfect solution, especially when it comes to sizes and fits. That’s why I was so trilled when I discovered Lingerie In A Box.

Lingerie In A Box

Lingerie In A Box is a combination of the comfort of online shopping and the advantage of fitting before you buy in a store. Based on an online questionnaire, you will receive a box with 20 items. You can try them at home. It’s a great experience – you actually receive a little personalized lingerie store in a box – and you can make a relaxing and fun activity of it. For example, do it together with your partner, order a box with your friends and fit together or create a self-care moment with a glass of wine. The next day, they will pick up the box again and you only need to pay for the items you want to keep. 

I can talk more about it, but you just need to try it. 

This blog is written in collaboration with Lingerie In A Box. The links are no affiliate links.

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