working woman in the office in a lilac suit

Lilac suit to work

I bought this lilac suit two years ago – time flies – and you have no idea how much effort it took me. I remember I was at a hotel in the Netherlands for a business trip. I saw this suit on Instagram I fell immediately in love. The only problem, it was sold out in Belgium on the website. I tried to order it via the .nl website – because WE Fashion is a brand founded in the Netherlands but with no end. I started to call stores in Antwerp and Ghent. After calling 3 stores, my size was available in Ghent. Lucky me. When I was back in Belgium, I went to the store and bought it immediately. Back home, I discovered the pants were too big – luckily I know my size now for that brand. I called again, my size was available, I went back to the store, fitted (!) it first and it was a match. It was all worth it because even after 2 years, the lilac suit is still an eye-catcher and one of my favourite suits for the summer to wear to work.

working woman entering the office in a lilac suit

Pastel colours for work

Pastel colours are still a spring/summer trend and definitely appropriate for the workplace, especially if you opt for clean and tailored items like a suit, sheath dress, blouse or a pencil skirt. Moreover, pastels are a great and subtle way to incorporate more colour into your work wardrobe without renouncing your professional appearance. Did you know that purple in business stands for being noble and sophisticated? It is viewed to have confidence and warmth.

working woman in a lilac suit

How to incorporate lilac in your work wardrobe

Of course, you can opt – just like me – for a suit in lilac. If it’s a little bit too much for, there are so many other ways to incorporate it into your work outfits. You can wear pastel coloured trousers with a plain black or white blouse. Or you can give your black and grey corporate dresses a spring vibe by adding a pastel blazer. Keep it even more subtle by opting for accessories in a pastel colour like a handbag or scarf.

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