It’s almost winter and the temperatures are dropping. Time for a winter coat for work. A winter coat keeps you warm, but it’s also a powerful clothing item that supports your career. Why? A winter coat contributes to your professional image. Especially during winter, it’s the first item people will notice. So your winter coat influences your good first impression. Here are the 3 steps to choose the perfect winter coat for work.

A winter coat for work - Lynn Mikolajczak - work fashion
Coat – 29th Oktober

The perfect winter coat for work

Step 1: prioritise quality

A winter coat is an investment. It keeps you warm during winter and supports your professional image. That’s why you need to choose a winter coat made of a qualitative fabric. That in combination with a timeless style and neutral colour will make the investment worth it. Examples of quality fabrics are wool, melton, hemp and cashmere.

Step 2: the perfect fit

In general, a proper fit is always important. A good fit makes you instantly look professional, polished, sophisticated and put together. When you buy a winter coat for work, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, how do you go to work? Your commute decides how warm your coat for work needs to be. Make also sure you can wear multiple layers under your winter coat while still be able to move your arms. Last, make sure the coat fits well over your shoulders. The seams should reach to the outer edge of the shoulder. Anything wider is too big. Anything narrower is too small.

In 3 steps the perfect winter coat for work - Lynn Mikolajczak - Work fashion - Workwear
Coat – 29th Oktober

Step 3: Make it match your work wardrobe

Last but not least, match the colour and style of your winter coat with your work wardrobe
Of course, a black winter is the most versatile and looks good day and night. Other popular colours are camel, navy and various shades of brown and grey. Is your wardrobe fairly sober and do you want to show a bit more strength and personality? Then choose a red coat or make a statement with a white winter coat.

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