A long time, jumpsuits were called too casual for work. Luckily for us working women, times are changing. Jumpsuits are more and more becoming a workwear staple and an easy to go outfit for work. Also, brands are adding more office-worthy jumpsuits to their collections. In this blog post, I will address the advantages of wearing a jumpsuit to work, give you some tips on how to style a jumpsuit for work and do I share some recommendations you can shop.

Jumpsuit – Catalina J | Bag – Melina C | Shoes – Tamaris

The advantages of wearing a jumpsuit to work

Wearing a jumpsuit has many advantages when it comes to dressing for work:

  • No combination stress so will be dressed faster in the morning;
  • More attention to accessories: accessories ensure a complete and cohesive outfit and give the impression you made an extra effort to look good – very appreciated in a business environment;
  • Easy to transform in an outfit for an after-work, date or night out.
Jumpsuit – Catalina J | Bag – Melina C | Shoes – Tamaris

How to style a jumpsuit for work

Pay attention to the fit and fabric

Go for a jumpsuit with a structured fit instead of the looser ones. It will give you a more polished look for work. With regards to the fabric, don’t opt for a too thin one. We don’t want to see the lines of your underwear. The ticker the material, the more structured and work-appropriate your jumpsuit will look.

Less is more

Keep it simple to opt for a jumpsuit in a neutral colour. Don’t opt for bold colours or big prints. I highly recommend creating a monochromatic look with it to make it even chicer and more sophisticate. If you want to give your outfit some more colour, opt for a colourful shoe, bag, scarf or another accessory.

Add a blazer

I keep saying it, a blazer had the power to turn every outfit in a more work-appropriate one. So when you are in doubt about your jumpsuit, add a blazer. Of course, when you have a jumpsuit without sleeves, you must wear a blazer over it. You can always throw it off after working when you go for a drink.


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