Dressing according to the dress code of the company you work for is very important. Companies maintain dress codes to make it employers possible to reflect the values of the company and represent them in the best way when meeting clients. It also creates equality at the workplace among co-workers. So companies set a dress code to make clear to everyone what they expect.

The problem of dress codes

The problem, dress codes aren’t always written down. Especially when you go for a job interview, you want to find out the dress code to make a good first impression and increase your chance to get the job. Also, when you are new at the workplace, you have no idea yet what everybody is wearing on a daily basis to work.

To help you out, here are 3 ways to determine the dress code of your company.

3 ways to determine the dress code of your company

1/ Look at what your manager is wearing

First, always look at what the founder or management is wearing. They are de “face” of the company. If they are dressed in a particular way it means that that’s how they determine the good impressional of the company. If the management is wearing suits or classic pieces, the company’s dress code will definitely be business formal.

2/ Look at what your Colleagues are wearing

It can happen that a company has different dress codes, especially when there are different departments like a creative department, HR, a financial department, etc. In that case, you can see what the colleagues in your department or the department where you apply are wearing.

In the creative department, mostly there is a more business casual/casual dress code. From creatives, they expect that their creativity and personality is reflected through their style, the way they dress. An HR or financial department will in most cases be more business formal or business casual.

3/ Company’s website

The company’s website is also a representation of the values of the company. The website will already define if it’s more a corporate, casual or creative work environment. You can also look at pictures of the team, events, behind the scenes, … or go to their social media channels to get an impression of the company and its employees and how they dress.

Has your company a clear written or unwritten dress code?


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