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About Me

About Me

Work style expert for working women, brands & media

I am Lynn a Belgian girl, graduated in Law, taught herself the skills of online marketing and passionate about entrepreneurship and fashion, more specifically business wear.

I have always been around people who are aware of the importance of dressing appropriately for work. The men I was surrounded by always wore their suit before they got out of the door. During University, I also became more and more aware of the power of maintaining a professional image.

All the knowlegde and expertise I built up during my lifetime, I want to give it to you, the hardworking brands and ambitious working women.

I want to create content for you, help you spread and receive the message of the importance of business wear and a professional image, as I think that my greatest strength lies precisely in this.

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. If you do it right, clothes are business tools that can bring your career and personal brand to the next level. Corporate fashion can elevate your personal branding, networking skills, employer branding, job interviews, chances of getting a promotion, etc.

Fashion brands play an important role in spreading this message. Let me support you as a brand to connect with and reach working women

Let's connect

You can always find me online, but I’d better meet you offline to have a nice talk and drink a coffee together!

Showroom – Style studio

Kasteelpleinstraat 32
2000 Antwerp - Belgium

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