The summer season is over and it’s time to prepare our work wardrobe for fall and winter. Like you know I am an advocate of finding your personal style first and then incorporating fashion trends into your work outfits. But to be honest, the fall winter trends lean themself very well to wear to work. I highlight for you the best fall winter trends for 2020/2021 you can wear to work. 

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Fall Winter Trends To Wear To Work

1/ Statement blouses

Blouses are one of the business essentials of our work wardrobe, but maybe you are tired of your plain white, blue and black blouses. I have good news for you. The blouse can become the statement item of your work outfit. Especially when you keep the rest of your outfit very clean, a statement blouse can be worn to work. There are some different trends this autumn and winter when it comes to blouses. I recommend to opt for one trend and don’t mix them all in one blouse to keep it professional and work-appropriate. 

The fall winter trends with regards to the blouse are:

  • Big sleeves
  • Exaggerated shoulders (Note: make you look more powerful)
  • The dropped puff (Note: take into account that dropped sleeves make you look less powerful)
  • Ruches (Note: this was already a summer trend, so you can reuse your summer blouses)
  • Big collars

2/ Belted jackets

This is probably a trend you already tried with one of your current blazers. This season, big obvious belts are a trend. Not only on blazers, but on dresses, knitwear and other jackets as well. If you want to keep it more subtle, you can opt for a small one like Fendi did on the runway or for a ton-sur-ton like Marc Jacobs. 

3/ Checks

Dior, Victoria Beckham, Chloé, Gucci, Givenchy, Burburry, Hermès, etc. We seem them by almost any designer: checks. A pattern that’s very professional and work-appropriate, especially for a suit. The brown and grey check patterns are definitely the most appropriate for the workplace. Although, checks in bright colours are a fall winter trend. In my opinion, less appropriate to wear to work, but of course, this depends on your industry and work environment. I recommend to add a suit with a check pattern to your wish list. With the blazer and trousers you can create many other work-appropriate outfit that are stylish and professional. 

4/ Capes

When it comes to outerwear, capes are the coats for fall and winter. Sleeves, sleeveless, with a belt or oversized. In general, a cape looks very powerful and even a little bit mysterious. Especially during winter, your coat is the one that decide what kind of first impression you make because your coat will be one of the first things people will notice. Let the cape work for you and make a powerful first impression when you make your entrance into a room.

5/ Leather coats, separates and full leather outfits

 Leather is already dominating several seasons, and FW 20/21 isn’t definitely an exception. The leather trend is a huge fall winter trend. You will not only see leather coats, but also a lot of leather separates and full leather outfits. This season, black and dark brown leather are the colors to go. To keep it appropriate for work, opt for a leather pencil skirt, a leather dress with a classic fit or a leather accessory like a belt to put on a dress or blazer.  If you work in a really creative work environment, you can try the full leather look. Otherwise, I would suggest to keep it with leather coats and separates to keep it work proof. 

6/ Cardigans

The career women who works in an office will be very thankful for this trend. When you work in an office, your biggest enemy is definitely the air conditioning. Luckily cardigans are trendy this season. So stuck up those cardigans and keep yourself warm behind your desk. 

7/ Skirt suits

Last but not least and this trend is definitely my favorite one. The short suit of this summer needs to make place for the skirt suit. Although the more oversized masculine fit will still be around, the skirt suit will take the prime spot and incorporate a more classic feminine fit. When you want to create a very powerful and feminine look, the skirt suit is your go to outfit.  

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