Be taken seriously isn’t easy, but everybody needs to start somewhere. When you start your career or a new one, you will need to work your butt off. Climbing the company ladders or building a business from scratch will come with its challenges. Competing for promotions, negotiate salary and prices, dealing with high and lows, finding opportunities, etc. The most challenging part and what you definitely want the most is being taken seriously as a career-driven woman. The corporate world is still dominated by men and comes with its prejudices and stereotypes. Be proactive as a career-driven woman and don’t let it intervene your path to your dream career. From my personal point of view, here are 4 tips to be taken seriously as a career-driven woman.

How to be taken seriously

1/ Look the part

The way you dress can influence your career and help you to be taken seriously. If you want to be perceived as a serious contender, you need to dress the part. Of course, how you need to dress yourself will varies from industry to industry, what your career goals are and how you want to be seen as a professional woman. Moreover, your dressing game will not only affect how other people perceive you, it will also give a boost to your self-confidence and performance. More confidence will automatically make sure they take you more serious. 

2/ Communicate

Communication is key, in every part of your life, professional and personal. If there is one skill you really need to manage like a pro it is communication. Knowing what to say, when and how in an authentic and honest way will level up your career. Be open and transparent. Follow up, send a reminder, say thank you, make a summary of what’s discussed, etc. It’s better to over communicate then thinking the other person will know. Give misunderstandings not a chance. 

Also, don’t be afraid to speak up. Saying what you think and how will feel, will make sure you connect with the right people, create your boundaries and don’t waste time on things or people that don’t align with you as a person and/or your career (goals). Of course, always do it in a respectful way. 

3/ Keep your word

Lately, there is the trend to say a lot of things and make promises, but not actually make it true. In my opinion, it increases the truth of your words and make you look less like a reliable person. What of course has an effect on how serious you look. 

4/ Know your worth

Probably everyone struggles once in their life with point. And to be honest, it are mostly other people who remind me of this one, so that’s why I want to be the one that remembers you of this very important point. Knowing your worth is knowing what you can bring to the table and stands truly behind it – or at least don’t show others you are doubting. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. Your confidence and skillset will grow with time, age and experience, but remember, In any stage of your life you have a certain worth. Also, when you are authentic, follow your dreams and passion and prepare yourself in the best possible way, you don’t have to fear or have doubts about what you are doing or saying.

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