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Work style matters

Bringing brands in a work-appropriate way to career-driven women

Bring your career to the next level

A well-defined work style is always on-trend.

Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

Bring your career to the next level

Style is a business tool. If you use it right, it can level up your career and personal brand. Moreover , It will save you time and you will gain confidence at the work. Let me show you how.

Services for working women, brands & media

Bringing brands in a work-appropriate way to working women via online & offline media

Well, once you are well dressed, you've got to finish the package. Best dermatologist, check. Hairstylist to the stars, yup. Organic facials, check. Best brows, yes. The only spray tan that looks like a Caribbean weekend, of course!

why me?

Work Fashion Matters

After experiencing the power of work fashion myself during my career switch, I started to study every source about workwear and build my extensive knowledge about dressing for work. Now my purpose is to spread the message of the importance of workwear and help career-driven women to develop a work style that empowers their career by connecting them with brands via consulting, styling and content creation.

Workwear Blog

White Suit Summer Trend
White Suit Summer Trend

The most perfect warm-weather suit is probably a white linen one. Linen is a light, airy breathable fabric and your option to go if you want to appear professional at the office during warm summer days. I’m telling you, linen is the next-best thing on…

How to determine the dress code of your company.
How to determine the dress code of your company.

Dressing according to the dress code of the company you work for is very important. Companies maintain dress codes to make it employers possible to reflect the values of the company and represent them in the best way when meeting clients. It also creates equality…

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