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Business wear matters

Bringing brands in a work-appropriate way to career-driven women

Bring your career to the next level

A well-defined work style is always on-trend.

Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

Business wear expert

Who is Lynn Mikolajczak?

Lynn Mikolajczak is a former lawyer, digital marketer and fashion entrepreneur.

She spent 5+ years on studying and learning about business wear.

She started her entrepreneurial journey as a content creator for workwear labels and as a stylist and consultant for working women. By doing that on the one hand, she realized that a lot of women struggle with finding workwear that supports their career. On the other hand, workwear labels, mostly founded by career women who faced the same problems, have difficulties to compete with the well-known fast fashion companies who aren’t specialized in workwear.

That’s why Lynn founded LM Fashion Agency to bring brands in a work-appropriate way to career-driven women.

If you want to start a conversation about business wear or if I can help you with a business wear-related topic, you can always book an (online) coffee. Let's talk about business wear.

Business wear consulting and styling for women and men

If you use your style in a strategic way, it can support your career goals.

Well, once you are well dressed, you've got to finish the package. Best dermatologist, check. Hairstylist to the stars, yup. Organic facials, check. Best brows, yes. The only spray tan that looks like a Caribbean weekend, of course!

Europe's first fashion agency specialized in business wear

LM Fashion Agency

LM Fashion Agency represents and showcases international workwear brands and labels with work-appropriate collections.

Our goal is to make business wear accessible.

That's why LM Fashion Agency helps the brands to develop and achieve sustainable international growth by creating a strong brand presence and multiple touchpoints with their target audience.

Moreover, we aim to create a full retail experience where working women feel inspired and supported to become their best professional self.

Last but not least, we strive to a better representation of working women in the fashion industry and media in general.

Showroom – Style studio

Kasteelpleinstraat 32
2000 Antwerp - Belgium

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