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Who is Lynn Mikolajczak?

Lynn Mikolajczak graduated with a master's degree in law and started her career as a lawyer. When she felt this was not her calling, she specialised in content creation, content strategy and PR and made a career switch.

In the meantime, she spent 5+ years studying, learning and writing about business wear.

In 2021 she made the switch to entrepreneurship.

Besides being a freelance PR consultant, content creator, strategist and journalist, she founded LM Fashion agency.

LM Fashion Agency is a creative fashion agency specialized in work fashion, with the mission to make work fashion more visible and accessible via content marketing, PR, sales and styling.

Lynn also strives for a better representation of working women in the fashion industry and media in general.

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Lynn Mikolajczak

It's no longer your product or your service, it's the content you create about it that gets you found and noticed

PR & content marketing

In an increasingly competitive industry, you can distinguish yourself through valuable and authentic content and a proper PR strategy. By even combining both through inbound PR, you will be able to position yourself even stronger as a company, brand or personal brand. With my experience in content marketing, PR knowledge, the power to read a brand fast and the ability to think outside the box to get the desired results, I can provide you with the structures, tools and creative ideas to take your company, brand or personal brand to the next level.

Available for workshops, programmes (3 or 12 months) and 1-on-1 consultancy.

Your style needs to make you feel inspired and confident every day when you get dressed for work.

Europe's first fashion agency specialized in business wear

LM Fashion Agency

LM Fashion Agency represents and showcases international business wear brands and fashion labels that want to attract career-driven women with their current or future collection and/or want to make business wear part of their brand.

LM Fashion Agency supports fashion brands to develop and achieve sustainable international growth by creating various touchpoints between on the one hand business wear and fashion brands and on the other hand their target groups through content marketing, public relations, sales and styling.

LM Fashion Agency also ensures that it only represents labels of which the brand story is not in conflict and offers sufficient opportunities to create a synergy with each other.

Your style needs to make you feel inspired and confident every day when you get dressed for work.

A podcast about how style can support your career and lift your confidence

Business Wear Uncoded

Lynn co-created and will co-host a new podcast series “Business Wear Uncoded” about style, career and confidence. In the podcast, she will invite guests from different business industries for a style talk and discover how they build their career and which role clothing played in the development of their career. It’s the mission to decipher the clothing style in the workplace.

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